Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the Works

I have a few writing projects in the works at the moment.  The first is a suspense novel that is in its final phases of proofreading and formatting.  I've performed a boatload of research and have spent time debating whether to take the traditional route of finding an agent or publisher for it, or trying out electronic publishing.  I'm not squeamish about self-publishing.  It's all business to me, and time is money.  I have a strong background in writing, editing and publishing, so I trust myself to do a professional job with my own work as well as the works of others.

I made the decision to take the route of electronic publishing, mainly because I want the experience.  I want to learn whatever this new process has to offer.  I know I have to do my own marketing, which most authors have to do to some extent anyway.

When I wrote the ending to my novel, I thought the rest would be easy, but the mere process of polishing the final product has been quite time-consuming.  Because I don't have an advance on a contract, I didn't make a dime for my year of effort that I put into writing the book.  It's difficult to justify that loss of that time without payment to those around you.  I can't wait to complete this project, because I'm so close, but at the same time I know that I can't let my anxiousness influence the amount of time I put into it or I will end up producing a lesser quality product. 

Also, I'm trying to write new poems so that I can have enough to submit for a state fellowship.  I've come close to achieving a fellowship in years past, and have learned that your chances of winning have everything to do with the preferences of the poet who judges the competition.  I made the mistake of not submitting one year, only to be told by all of my friends that I most likely would have won, because the judge that year turned out to be one of my favorite poets, a lady who writes in a style very similar to the style I choose to write in.  To this day, not entering the competition that year has been one of my greatest regrets.  I may not have won, but at least I would know that this poet who I greatly respect and admire had read my work.  Receiving feedback from award-winning poets is the true prize in entering such competitions.

Lastly, I am researching freelance article gigs on a regular basis in search of assignments that are up my alley.  During this process I find myself feeling disdain over requests for the same old articles that are included in magazines each month.  I may have to come up with some fresh proposal myself.  I do believe that magazines should strive for some level of consistency, but at the same time provide their readers with new information in each issue.  Otherwise, reading feels like deja vu.  I tend to not renew magazine subscriptions after the first year, because most magazines roll out too much repetition, and so many articles only scratch the surface due to either space constraints or a lack of effort to do research on the writer's part.

These are just my writing projects.  My photography projects are a whole different deal, but for the moment while my toes are cold and my body prefers to reside under multiple layers of blankets, quilts, and Snuggies, the writing projects are winning out.  Thank God for laptop computers.


Jan Cline said...

Busy lady! Keep us posted on the electonic publishing. Sounds like you like to research too. Wish you could make it to the conference, but maybe next time.

Sylvia Ney said...

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