The I's of Iris

Iris Weber's psychic powers and skills of mediumship have been developing and growing stronger throughout her lifetime. After finding some missing items, missing people, and the remnants of crimes, Iris overcomes her fear of being a "person of interest" and puts the victims ahead of herself by using her knowledge to help detectives solve their cases. Along with her ability to stun and amaze others with her accuracy, comes the flame of fame. Iris hits the talk show circuit, writes books, and finds herself securely employed and scheduled with readings over a year in advance. Her grounded husband Will is the first to point out when she's letting her fame go to her head, and her personal assistant Sara isn't afraid to let Iris know when she's letting it affect the quality of her work. When Iris's beloved mother Beverly passes away, all the clarity Iris had experienced before becomes muddled, not allowing her to sense that she has a very dangerous man stalking her, and he is intent on putting an end to her glory days.


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